Medical Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses very high frequency sound waves to produce detailed diagnostic images of structures in your body. Over the past 50 years it has been increasingly utilized to investigate a wide variety of medical conditions. Ultrasound has the advantage of producing images without using radiation, without patient discomfort and it has no adverse side effects.

At Three Rivers Thermography Imaging Center we are passionate about delivering the very best ultrasound imaging service for the benefit of all our patients. We bring together highly experienced doctors, certified imaging professionals, and state of the art diagnostic equipment into a caring and dedicated environment. We provide a cost-effective, complete, ultrasound service.

At this time, Three Rivers Ultrasound Service is a self referral and self pay procedure.

We do not accept insurance for Ultrasound testing.

No referral is required from your doctor.

We are currently offering

Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging of the following areas:

Scan Type Scan Description Price
One Region: Breast Breast region requires Thermogram Report or Mammogram Report $225
One Region: Thyroid Evaluation of the thyroid gland $225
Complete Breast Bilateral $250
Abdomen RUQ Includes gallbladder,  liver, pancreas, bile ducts and right kidney $225
Complete Abdomen Includes RUQ + spleen, kidneys and distal aorta $250
Renal  and Bladder Right and left kidneys $225
Pelvic Ultrasound Pelvic region $225
Venus Imaging + Doppler $225
Stroke Screening Includes Abdominal Aorta + Carotid Duplex $250
Arterial Duplex $225

Three Rivers Thermography accepts cash, checks, and Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Patient Preparation:

Breast – No prep; Note: If you have had previous mammogram or ultrasound please bring official radiology report and if possible copies of images.

Thyroid and Neck – No prep but may want to wear clothing that does not come up around the neck.

Abdomen and Aorta   –  Fasting for 8 hours prior to exam. (may  have sips of water to take meds)

Renal – No prep but is helpful if heavy meal was not consumed prior to Ultrasound.  Do not void prior to exam but no need to have an overly full bladder.

All ultrasound tests are performed by an ARDMS licensed Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technologist and interpreted by a licensed MD specializing in Radiology and Ultrasound. At Three Rivers, you can be sure you are getting accurate, quality care in a relaxed environment.


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